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Varsity Softball


Feb. 7, 2014Orlando Christian PrepTMAcancelledRecap
Feb. 11, 2014Cornerstone CharterTMA7-3 WRecap
Feb. 14, 2014Jones High SchoolTMA17-0 WRecap
Feb. 18, 2014Central Florida Christian DirectionsCentral Florida Christian 4-5 LRecap
Feb. 20, 2014Mt. Dora Bible* DirectionsMt. Dora Bible9-5 WRecap
Feb. 21, 2014Foundation Academy DirectionsFoundation Academy15-3 WRecap
Feb. 28, 2014Pine Ridge High SchoolTMA2-1 WRecap
Mar. 3, 2014Father Lopez*TMA6-7 LRecap
Mar. 4, 2014Cornerstone Charter DirectionsSouth Orange Little League Park6-17 LRecap
Mar. 6, 2014Windermere Prep DirectionsWindermere PrepCancelledRecap
Mar. 7, 2014The First AcademyTMA10-13 LRecap
Mar. 11, 2014Mt. Dora Bible*TMA3-8 LRecap
Mar. 13, 2014Lake Highland PrepTMA - Pack the Stands5-9 LRecap
Mar. 14, 2014Foundation AcademyTMA13-1 WRecap
Mar. 25, 2014Bishop MooreTMA14-4 WRecap
Mar. 27, 2014Father Lopez* DirectionsOrmond Beach Sports Complex17-1 WRecap
Mar. 28, 2014Trinity Prep DirectionsTrinity Prep0-9 LRecap
Mar. 31, 2014Faith Christian Academy DirectionsCady Way Park10-0 WRecap
Apr. 3, 2014Windermere PrepTMACancelledRecap
Apr. 4, 2014Orlando Christian PrepTMA - Senior Night12-1 WRecap
Apr. 7, 2014Taylor High School DirectionsTaylor High School3-13 LRecap
Apr. 8, 2014Lake Highland Prep DirectionsLake Highland PrepCancelledRecap
Apr. 11, 2014Bishop Moore DirectionsLake Fairview Park14-7 WRecap
Apr. 14, 2014Father Lopez* DirectionsMt. Dora Bible/District Playoff15-5 WRecap
Apr. 15, 2014Mt Dora Bible* DirectionsMt. Dora Bible - District Championship3-10 LRecap
Apr. 24, 2014University Christian DirectionsUniversity Christian - Regionals0-15 LRecap

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